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It's important for us and for the planet - That's why we have a environment policy

We not only work with eco friendly wax. We also looks for products that are easy to recycle, are recycled and might also be vegan. We support a sustainable production and aims for a zero wast policy.


In Sweden, the FTI (Förpacknings & Tidnings insamligen) 90% of all glass is recycled. Glass is a easy material to recycle - just remember so put it in the right bin.
We encourage you to re:use as much as possible. E-commers boxes is great for storage or wrapping gifts. Our glassware makes perfect light-cups and vases.


We try every day to close the loop. We re:use packing materials we get when we're placing orders. We don't choose materials that we cant re:use och re:cycle!

We're also doing alot of work to minimize water usage. For example, our melting and poring process does not contain any water och chemical cleaning. We simply clean it with heat and paper. The paper is the formed into small balls of fire-starters that we give to friends and coworkers. And there's no use of plastic gloves, our cotton cloves have a thin coating of silicone which can be washed over and over and over...



Many candles are still made with paraffin, soy or other adhesives. As you might know paraffin candles are hazardous and toxins are released when burning. Vegetable waxes are better in that way that you get a much more clean burn. How ever, soy has as of the last few years grown on an absolute industrial scale. It has had a hugely negative impact on the our environment and behind meet industry it is the second largest contributor to deforestation. WWF have recently raised concerns about the deforestation associated with increasing Soy demand, and the loss of habitats for already vulnerable species - increasing the risk of extinction. So - our signature wax is therefore made from eco friendly rapeseed produced here in the EU.

Everyday we're looking for new ingredients, better ingredients and we won't stop looking. Did you know that our room mist is made from en eco friendly source.



Living as vegetarians for over 20 years - vegan products is close to heart to us. We're only using products free from animal testing and no animal cruelty. It's not a choice - for us it's just obvious.

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